How did you become a treatment based massage therapist?

Massage therapy had always been in the back of my mind. My first real connection with the power of touch was with the delivery of my son. I had a very hands on delivery, pressure points got me through his birth. After he was born I began working with Arkansas Family Doulas as a lactation counselor. The infants who began feeding the best were ones who received bodywork from either a chiropractor or massage therapist. 

A year and a half into my career I was in a jarring car wreck. I wasn't able to work comfortably for months. I saw every practitioner I could think of and I wasn't finding relief. That's when I started researching and realizing that although I had no visible injuries, I had tissue build up in my neck and forearms from the wreck.

I learned how to relieve that on myself and then it was a natural flow into the work I do now. I'm excited to pass those techniques onto Katie and see how her skills grow!


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