About Canine Massage

For all the dogs I've loved. 

What is Canine Massage good for?


Does it conjure pictures of a Yorkie in sunglasses on the west coast? For some people, that is the extent. For me it goes much deeper. I've always been the friend who is first to find the dog when I come over and it has been a party trick of mine to relieve little limps and hypersensitive areas. Have you ever had a dog that couldn't stand their XYZ being touched? Often times there has been something traumatic, the area wasn't properly socialized, or it is uncomfortable. I'm excited to say that these are things we can address!


Canine Massage is great for your furry friend who is or needs:


  • Improved flexibility

  • Recovering from a strain or pull

  • Relieve sudden incontinence

  • Eases arthritis and hip dysplasia discomfort

  • Can aid in the progression of hip dysplasia

  • Can improve weakness, tremors and spasms

  • May improve the progression of some neurological issues

Some of our training includes: Scar Tissue Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, Myofascial Release and Nerve Regeneration Therapy. Our techniques gently align your dog's spine and relax their muscles to restore proper nerve function and reduce pain for quicker recovery and more comfortable living!

Our Inspiration for Rocktown Canine Massage:

Yogi (shepherd mix) passed away when I was 16, Jax (border collie mix) passed in Fall of 2018. Both were rescues so we can't be certain but we believe both were around 17 when they passed. I spent the last few years of their lives massaging and relieving their achy bodies. With Jax, I finally had my massage license. 

Jet (black doberman) was a little different. He actually showed up on our front porch the week that Yogi passed. He was emaciated, covered in ticks and had to be rehabilitated. A few years ago he started showing symptoms of Wobblers Syndrome. Wobblers Syndrome is a neurological disorder common in dobermans causing shaking, tremors and a wobble in their walk. Many people are told that there is nothing that can be done for Wobblers. We took a few measures and were able to relieve his symptoms. One of the things we did for him was chiropractic care. 

At this point, I had my massage license for a while. I worked closely with his chiropractor and took her direction in the work I gave him. After his first treatment, he climbed over the fence! I think its safe to say he was feeling spry! We saw incredible improvement throughout and following his therapies. We were blessed with his presence from May of 2013 - April of 2019.

It is my mission to help your Fur Baby live their most comfortable life. Just like in humans, we can relieve tense muscles, strains, general muscular discomfort and with our myoskeletal work, we often see alignment in the pets we work with! 

Contact us today to find out what we can do for your favorite pup!

Disclaimer: Canine Massage is not regulated by any governing body in the state of Arkansas. Rocktown Massage has invested in education on top of their Arkansas DoH Massage Therapy standards. Please exercise caution when chosing a professional to work with your animals.


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